Will a AAZ - 1.9TD have enough torque and HP to pull well mated with Mk3 TDI CTN trans?

Discussion in 'General Diesel Discussion' started by SRHeer, Oct 30, 2016.

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    I am thinking of buying an 88 Cabriolet that has had an AAZ swapped in for the original 1.8L gas - the present trans remains the original one - this car runs well but with the diesel AAZ in place of the gas motor it at the present it is mostly just suited for in town driving -

    I have an extra CTN trans that came out of 98 Jetta TDI - it of course has very tall gearing compared to the original gas transmission but if I do a trans conversion and swap out present transmission with the diesel TDI CTN (S & P has a manual to hydraulic conversion clutch kit for fitting Mk3 and Mk4 trans into Mk1s) WILL the AAZ have enough power to pull the CTN through its gears without bogging down?
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    I'm not familiar with that transmission but if you compare the gearing ratios to the original AAZ trans, you should be able to figure out how much it will change the gearing.
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    too bad i took a vacation from stupid people... im the guy who knows this stuff..

    first off.. tdi have cable shift(02a/02j) style tranny.. vs the 020 style you have.

    imo best bang for $$ is a diesel geared 020

    else to fit a 02a/02j you require custom mounts, changing shifter to cables or spending coin for the convert cable to rod... then add in more to convert to hydro clutch or buy the over priced stuff to keep it cable.. http://s-pautomotive.com/?product=mk1-motor-and-trans-package-swap-kit is a place that sells the mounts/cables/rods conversion pieces

    never had a aaz.. never will.. so no idea on their pep.. i rover pump tdi for tdi-m.. no precups to fail and imo 150hp dropped in my way with no pump mods

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