VCDS Scan Boost/VAC problem?

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    Evening folks, recently picked up an mk4 ALH for commuting and it has a few issues I need to get fixed right away so I can get back to work. Bought the car cheap as it needed some work. Car had no power at top end and felt like it wasn't really boosting. Had code p0299 when I brought it home. Replaced the vnt actuator, old one leaked and vanes were sticky (cleaned them and free'd it up as well). And put a new MAF sensor on it. Still having the same issue, been checking for vac leaks with my gun and can't really notice any. I'm going to replace them all tomorrow anyway just to rule it out. Tonight I got code p0245. I've done output tests on the n75 and n18 and I can't hear any noise coming from either during the tests. Checked voltage at the plug for the n75 and it cycled between 8.9v and 12.1v at the plug, also checked vacuum there and was getting 24 on the vac line going in to it and 17 on the out line. Resistance on the n75 was 15 ohms cold. Anyway I did a quick log with vcds if anyone has any time to have a look and see if they can see anything out of sorts. I'm just learning to use vcds so forgive me lol. any help would be appreciated. I will continue to search and read what I can but I'm running out of time.I'm trying to figure out how to post my scan, I'll attach it as soon as I do. Thanks

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