transmission torque converter clutch error code

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  1. joedhammond

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    Apr 13, 2012
    01 golf
    i just purchased an 01 tdi golf with auto tranny. a few weeks later the check engine light comes on and i had Autozone scan it and it came up Torque Converter Clutch. It does seem to have a little slip in the tranny but runs smooth besides. The light doesnt always stay on though. It goes on and off. At 143000 miles I dont think the fluid/filter has ever been changed. Could it just be low on fluid or am I looking at a bigger more expensive fix? Any help would sure be appreciated. TY
  2. chittychittybangbang

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    May 23, 2007
    2006 Jetta TDI
    Don't know without more testing but the CEL goes on-off because it's an intermittent fault which goes away after a certain number of engine starts.

    Worth changing fluid but I don't know how much it'll help. In a few cases new fluid causes slip because new detergent washes away dirt that was helping the clutch hold but worst case you just have to change transmission a little earlier. Just drain-refill ATF (see FAQ DIY) and it should be OK.

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