Test Drive Touareg TDI 2012 vs. MB ML 350 BlueTeck

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  1. acalian

    acalian New Member

    Apr 14, 2012
    Completing the test on both cars - want to share my impression with the community.
    As driving a lot long distances, day and night in any weather conditions (especially in winter) - I've paid attention to the abilities to make driver's life easier being 5-6 hours behind the wheel.
    1) Overall comfort level in ML 350 much better then in Tuareg. MB much more quieter inside and outside.
    Inside insulation is terrific - no sound from engine, tires (on purely paved roads) and even wind when you on highway. Seats and suspension more driver friendly (softer) in MB (even I drove a sport timed option).
    2) Night driving more attractive on MB - excellent road illumination from head lights and auto-dimmed exterior mirrors make your night driving much easier.
    3) Safety features on MB such as blind spot indicators, line change notification, and drowsiness alarm very useful and not available in Tuareg even on high level.
    Many other parameters (handling, acceleration, braking, etc.) on both pretty much the same.
    Tuareg has some advantages to MB - huge panoramic sun roof, compact spare wheel, but they are not important for me.
    Haven't tested drive-terrain and assume they are better in Tuareg, but I rare drive off-road and think the chance to be in the ditch driving MB is less (having all the features in it preventing that).
    Customers rated Tuareg TDI 95% compare to 84% on ML 350, don't know why. Need to do more research to figure it out.
  2. RDub7

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    Apr 8, 2012
    TDI's: Touareg12, Jetta09, Jetta03
    What are the best prices you can get either or and or both for? Also how many miles do you put on in a year? I also test drove the BMW X5 35D. While it was the most sports car like, all things considered (important to me anyway), the crossover SUV's were pretty much neck and neck. The MB had a better array of "options" ( #3, as you have noted". But the availability, want, need of options were not high on my list. The 455# ft vs the 425 and 406 truly gave the MB the slight edge. Also thank heavens no sun roof was an option.
  3. Dan_Clements

    Dan_Clements New Member

    Aug 11, 2012
    MB vs VW

    Checked out both models, and settled on 2012 Touareg TDI.

    Felt interior of MB was slightly more comfortable. Did not care for paddle shifters. Liked rear hatch engine mounted on top. I am an underwater photographer with lots of wet gear going into storage area.

    On Touareg liked panorama sunroof, engine has better reviews. Performed better in snow, off road. Dislike rear seats not folding flat.

    My read is if you are primarily driving around town, MB slightly better choice. If you spend time in the mountains, do sports with lots of gear, Touareg is the way to go.

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