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  1. LEZ

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    Dec 19, 2011
    2004 JETTA TDI
    Good Day All
    Looking for input and coments here please. I have had a TDI Tuner box for a few months and was very reluctant to install it as I was worried it would kill my daily driver.
    Anyway I installed it when the weather was hot and to my supprise the engine / car seemed to work exactly as it did before installing this device all be it when I stepped on it there seemed to be more power on hand, this device was installed into the small plug located under the engine cover close to the steel fuel lines on the battery side of engine (right).
    I am curious as to what exactly this tuner box doing or what it is altering is it fuel dilivery or boost or a number of things? It would be interesting to know because the uneven idle I had before installing the box seems to have gotten worse to the point of more than vaguely annoying. Perhaps if I could find out how the box operates I could find out why the idle is a bit off in the first place ...any ideas?
    Thanks Lez
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    Jul 9, 2010
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    PP764's, turbo and mapping
    Do a google of the evry mod, it's very similar to that basically, it just ups the fueling which can also cause a lumpy idle.

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