Skoda Fabia exhaust issues G450

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    Apr 14, 2015
    Skoda Fabia Greenline 1,4 TDI 2007, BMS
    Naestved, Denmark
    Hi! Hope that somebody can help me out with some ideas as to where to look to fix this problem.
    I have a Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI, BSM engine and I have a more less constant P0471 and P0472 error message.
    (Three cylinder engine used in Audi, WV, Seat, Skoda models)
    I have changed the sensor G450 a number of times both the old original and to the newer updated kind from a reliable WV dealer, there are no visible leaks / clogs on/in the hoses, I measured the electrical impulse on the correct wire and I do get the right voltage on the wires, however the problem persists...

    Here is a RossTech info :

    Address 01: Engine (045 906 013 Q)

    18.0 Soot Index
    -15.30 Press. Difference Particle Filter
    -22.95 Press. Difference Offset
    14.9 % Particle Filter Load Coefficient
    34.0 Particle Filter Carbon Mass
    0.0 Carbon Mass Learned Value

    Is the Dpf filter too full? at 34.0 I think there is more life in it....last week the engine ran a normal regeneration for like 5 min and that was it.
    Why do I get the negative values on the pressure difference? Is the G450 sensor not adapting? Do I need a new G450 sensor?

    Any ideas very much appreciated! I can get additional info/other values via vcds if needed.

    Thank you!

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