Primer Pump Activation Skoda Octavia II VRS CR Diesel

Discussion in 'SEAT and Škoda TDI' started by mag01473, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. mag01473

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    Nov 1, 2016
    Skoda Octavia II Vrs CR Diesel
    Does anyone have any idea when the primer pump inside the fuel tank on an Octavia II VRS CR Diesel is supposed to activate? Is it when the ignition is switched on? Is it when the engine is actually cranked? Is it when the drivers door is opened?
    I have a HPFP failure as it is running dry within seconds of the engine running.
    Fuel tank and all 3 pumps have been changed. All fuel lines have been changed an a new common rail has been installed. Fuel filter housing has also been changed. All fuel pumps have been primed with diagnostic until fuel has been coming out at the injectors. The engine has not been started until this has been done. Both the electric pumps work when priming with diagnostic.
    The fuel pump relay has all the feeds when engine is cranking and running but no live feed to the primary pump when the ignition is on. Being mostly experienced with PD engines I know the primary pump engages when the ignition is switched on before starting. Can't remember if the CR engines are the same as I have not worked on that many and not had one in for a while
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    Apr 6, 2015
    VW T4 AXL 2.5Tdi Syncro 2002
    After what I know from our VWT5 CR we have and read about this engine. The electrical pumps does not start until you crank the engine.
    No pump works after only turning on ignition.
    That's why you must prime several times after changing filter or changed components in this system.
    On our forklifts that's made by Linde with this engine the pump runs about 30 seconds each time I turn on ignition.
    Can be because they are not like the cars where if I read it right you can't run out of fuel so lines and pump goes dry because when level gets low car is automatically stopping the engine so it can't happen to spare hpfp.
    So is not the case on our industrial CR engines in these forklifts if I read our books right.
    Hope this helps some and that you get some more help here.

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    Aug 29, 2010
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    You can hear the fuel pump prime for a second or two when I turn my ignition on.

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