Preferred Cetane Rating for 2012 Touareg 3.0TDI

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Does anyone know the optimum cetane requirement for the 3.0TDI engine. I have read numerous articles which indicate it may be detrimental to run an engine on a lower than recommended cetane level (rough operation, low power output, excessive deposits, wear and hard starting). My goal is to use a fuel that will yield the best mileage at the lowest life cycle cost for 250K miles.

    Unfortunately the 2012 Touareg owners manual does not indicate the minimum cetane level. Instead, it says that ULSD should meet ASTM D975 specification.

    FYI: A higher cetane number means a shorter ignition delay time and more complete combustion of the fuel charge in the combustion chamber. This, of course, translates into a smoother running, better performing engine with more power and fewer harmful emissions. Additional information I have read says that using a higher cetane number fuel will yield no better results than one would experience with a gasoline engine when using 89 or 92 octane fuel in an engine designed to run on 87 octane fuel.
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    Generally speaking, 40-50 is average-good. You will be hard pressed to actually find this number on the pump or from the station attendants. Higher is better. It's not wasted like using 92 octane fuel in an engine that only needs 89.
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    Mar 7, 2012
    I asked the same question several years ago to VW about my 06TouaregTDI after reading, I think min. 55 cetane in the manual, and was told that the diesel engines here are tuned for the emmissions requirements and diesel (40 cetane) that is available here. No noticed roughness... That said, when I can find higher cetane, there was noticeable improvement in the engine performance and responsiveness
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    I'm not sure about the requirements of the 3.0 TDI, if it is sold in NA, I imagine it would run on the common diesel fuel sold here: Cetane rating of 40+ is the standard.
    Here is a quick list of cetane ratings from common fuel stations, copied from another forum:

    BP (Amoco branded), 51;
    Countrymark fuels Diesel-R, 50
    Chevron, 49; or 51 with Techron D labels in select markets
    ConocoPhillips through the 76 stations (California) 47-53
    PetroCanada, 47-51
    BP (Powerblend 47, otherwise 40-42)
    Shell, 46;
    Sinclair, 46;
    Sunoco Gold, 45 (often +1-5) Sunoco regular is usually 40.
    Exxon/Mobile, 43-46
    Holiday Stations, 40-43
    HESS, 40-42, can be up to 45.
    Husky, 40 + diesel Max additives raise another 1-3 from there (41-45 max)
    Love's: 40
    Pilot: 40
    Valero: 40
    Sheetz: 40
    Flying J, 40

    You will get better mileage, power and engine responsiveness out of higher grade fuels. They usually also contain additives for improved injector lubrication as well.
    While "premium" diesels are more expensive, total cost per mile can actually be quite similar, or better when compared to "cheap" diesel.

    I always run Shell Vpower diesel as there is one right by my house. :thumbsup

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