Oil specfications 505.01 vs 505.07

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    Hello all, I own a 2005.5 1.9 tdi (BRM). I have serviced and performed all fluid changes every 5000miles. I have veiwed the video on cam and lifter failure and the symptons are identical. I have not done a visual inspection yet. I need assistance in proving that 505.07 oil can cause this when used in a pumpe-duse engine. The 505.07 oil was purschased from a vw dealer (4 oil changes) who used my jetta's VIN. The eBhan maintenance manual from my research does'nt give specifics. Any information is welcome

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    welcometomyturbodies Welcome to the website!

    I'm afraid you'd have a very hard time proving that the oil caused the camshaft wear... (especially after only 4 changes out of a total of ????) These cars are simply susceptible to this... It appears that using a 5W-40 oil rather than a 5W-30 oil may help in many cases, but that's a long way from actually proving anything in either a scientific or a legal sense. (BTW: it's also been claimed that in these cars, the oil performs better with 10,000 mile change intervals than with 5,000 mile intervals...)

    I'd simply treat it as yet another thing that can go wrong with these cars (like the dual-mass flywheel, the ceramic glow plugs, etc.), replace the camshaft, and go on with life...

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