New to the 3.0 - Few questions and thoughts?

Discussion in 'New TDI forum member introductions' started by Shug6510, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Hey all

    Long time listener, first time caller

    Currently have 2.0 Passat that we love, but hate to say we are giving her back in the buyback. To good of a deal. But more on this in a second.

    Picked up Porsche Cayenne diesel over the weekend. I had the local VW dealer do all my servicing on the Passat as it wasn't to expensive. As to finding out, the Porsche Dealer is a bit pricey, so I have been doing a little research of oil and fuel changes. Oil changes don't seem that hard but the fuel change with not priming the line has me worried. If one was to, clamp the lines with vice grips before removing the cap, remove the fuel filter, extract all fuel and any water out, replacing with a new filter, fill the canister new fuel with the new filter in, put the cap back on, and then undo the vice grips, does one need to worry about bleeding /priming the line? what cable or software is needed knowing vcds does not work on the Porsche Also, with it being the same engine and Porsche wants to go every 5k while vw goes 10k, does anyone go longer than 5k on the Cayenne?

    Local VW dealer said he could do the oil changes and fuel filter at mid 150's each. Now that doesn't seem to bad to me on the oil, but the fuel filter we can do fairly inexpensively.

    Other items
    I have always ran Howes anti gel in winter and the occasional powerservice diesel kleen. I am assuming its okay to run these in the 3.0. Porsche dealer said okay but didn't seem like Porsche wanted anything else in the tank.

    Then referring back to my 2.0 Passat, my thought process is that most of these buy back will get flashed and put back on the market to help recoup some of this money spent in settling these cases, IF they find solution / ecu flash. The 3.0 are hard to find used right now and just I bought for the pure fact that VW might not find a solution and any leftover new Treg / Cayenne/ q7 will be sent back over seas. does anyone have an incite?

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    I wouldn't worry about priming the line if you do all that and pre-fill the filter.

    No cable does these functions like VCDS, the closest is durametric but their basic version is pretty limited. I don't know if it'll run the fuel pumps but I'm guessing it should. To edit codes and whatnot you need durametric pro which is in the $700 range!

    People have asked about the shorter oil change, perhaps it's cause Porsche wants more money?

    There are some threads speculating on the 3.0 engined cars...wish I had a crystal ball for it!

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