new to about half a mile from home and it cut out

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    Mar 9, 2012
    golf gttdi y reg 2001
    hi, i have just purchased a y/2001 golf GT TDI 110bhp in black. really fell in love with it when i saw it. its totally standard which is how i want to keep it. it drives spot on, steers straight, corners well with no knocks or bangs. im planning on changing the cam belt in the next few weeks as ive got no knowledge of when it might have been done. the other day my mrs tried to start it and she said it struggled to start but fired finally. then today we got about half a mile from home and it cut out. tried to start it and it wouldnt go. i got out checked the cam belt and aux belt and both were fine. i got back in and tried to start it. it did start 2nd time but had to turn it over for 5+seconds. i know that the previous owner bought it as a NON runner and he replaced the wiring harness to the injector. i have no warning lights on at all and am a bit baffled to what it could be. i have a BASIC knowledge of engines but am not a mechanic by any means......can anyone help at all???

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    Moving to mk4 section since it's technical. Check out the mk4 new buying guide for common probs

    Check for codes. Because it cut out, it's possible relay 109 is bad. This supplies power to ecu. If no glow plug light when it dies and try to restart, it's 109.

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