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  1. pompusdeuce

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    Dec 23, 2011
    99tdi jetta,2004tdi jetta
    Hi All,I'm new to these forums but need help with my tdi's.I own a 99tdi jetta with 273,000 miles on it currently.I've had no trouble with this car since i've purchased it new in Minnesota!However,I've just bought a 2004 jetta tdi and have only had it 4months and now have engine problems.2 weeks ago when it went down to 0degrees in colorado I went out to start my car and it would start fairly quickly but would not exceed 2,000 rpms without dying out.Upon restart it would start quickly but would still not exceed 2to 2,500 rpms before quitting.its now in my garage with a new fuel filter and a new rear tank lift pump.Nothing has changed and the car is useless to me.I can't afford a vag-com at this time.I'm hoping for some great suggestions so that I can get back on the road with little expense as possible.

    Here's hoping I get some suggestions in a timely fashion! Thanks all for your time.Pompusdeuce
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    Cam timing? Need at least a generic vag-com from ebay to read this. Basic measuring blocks should be readable through those w/ ross tech's freeware version.

    Worn camshaft? Check the mk4 PD FAQ list for more on this problem.

    Intake valve closed?

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