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new member in oklahoma

Discussion in 'New TDI forum member introductions' started by graytdi06, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. graytdi06

    graytdi06 New Member

    Jun 15, 2012
    2006 jetta tdi
    Hi all. Very nice and informative site.
    first time vw owner, 2006 jetta tdi, bought used with 48k miles, now has 75k...
    not sure if i'm a vw fan yet, but it does get good fuel mileage (35-42mpg)
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  2. YMZ

    YMZ Super Moderator

    Sep 22, 2010
    Jetta 2003, Golf 2001
    Latitude 44.407959, longitude -76.018369.
    welcometomyturbodies Welcome to the website!!

    You're quickly approaching the recommended mileage for the timing belt system renewal...

    Are you planning to do the work yourself or farm it out? There aren't too many TDI experts in your neck of the woods - although it would help to know in what corner of OK you happen to be...

    Please go over the procedure, just so you know what will need to be done... http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/brm-VW-Jetta-TDI-timing-belt-replacement-1.htm Also keep in mind that your model is known for chewing up camshafts, so at the very least, an inspection will be in order.

    All the best,


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