New member, 2000 VW golf GLS TDI with a flashing imobilizer light

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    Mar 22, 2013
    2000 VW Golf GLS TDI
    I have a 2000 VW golf GLS TDI with a flashing imobilizer light. VCDS tells me I have 01179 - Incorrect key progamming.

    I want to get rid of the light (don't care if immo works or not) and I am not a big fan of electrical tape on an instrument cluster.

    Things I have: VCDS, Kerma Q-loader, bells, whistles, etc.
    What I don't have but would like to: SKC information on the plastic tag in my owner's manual.

    The backstory:
    I damaged the immobilizer chip to my only key when trying to transfer everything over to a new platic case. I realized I damaged the chip when the immobilizer shut the engine down. So after ordering new keys from the dealer and having the car towed for them to program the keys, I now have a flashing immo light all the time. The dealer claims I "shorted out" the immo circuit when I used the damaged key. and it would be $1200 to replace the instrument cluster. Another dealership I called had never heard of such a thing. A 3rd delership had heard of damaging the instrument cluster with a "bad" key.

    Any thoughts and suggestions on how to fix it are welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum Mike. welcometomyturbodies

    You would have to contact one of the chip tuners if you want the immobilizer removing completely as they can write to the ecu.

    Search for immobilizer in FAQ and have a read of whats involved.

    VAG Error Code: 01179

    Fault Location:
    Incorrect Key Programming

    Possible Cause:
    (One or more) Remote Control not working.

    Remote Control Adaptation incomplete.

    Possible Solutions:
    Check Remote Control Adaptation.
    See Measuring Value Blocks (MVB).
    Perform Remote Control Adaptation.

    As taken from my

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