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    Oct 3, 2017
    NEW IDParts Quiet Clutch & Flywheel Conversion Kit
    The new IDParts single-mass flywheel and clutch conversion kit for all 5-Speed TDI models is here! We partnered with a global leader in clutch manufacturing to find a clutch that offered a noise dampening "quiet" style clutch disc. This clutch kit includes a stock-weight, 22lb, G60/VR6 style flywheel. New throwout bearing included. Click
    here for more info!

    NEW IDParts Complete Clutch Conversion Kit
    If you need to replace the clutch on your high mileage TDI and want to convert to a single-mass flywheel setup this is where to start. This kit includes all of the components and parts of the clutch system that wear out after hundreds of thousands of miles, such as lever, fork, clip and bolts. Click
    here for more info!

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