New here, Polo PD TDI '09 problems

Discussion in 'General Diesel Discussion' started by Semifreak, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Semifreak

    Semifreak New Member

    Sep 5, 2012
    Vw Polo TDI '09

    I'm new on the board but not very new on diesels or cars for that matter. But I got a little problem which I'm struggling to find people with knowledge about. Six months ago I bought a Polo 1.4 TDI. I've been running it mainly on country roads (last 8000 miles) with mostly 45-50 mph speedlimit. And I'm having huge issues with fuel consumption. I've read about ppl getting 73 (imperial) mpg at around 70 mph. My last 70 mph trip (600 miles) I only got 47. I got so unhappy with the numbers that I did a 300 mile trip at 50 mph. Only got 53 mpg. It's low on the miles, only 30k but 41% difference is huge. I can get better mileage with our almost twice as heavy XC60 D5 awd (auto). The only other problem I have is really bad knock/shake at about 1000-1300 rpm with light load. So my only thought was Injector timing. Luckily I own a VCDS, since all problems I hade with My S4 b5. I saw the how to on this sitt. But unfortunately the Polo doesn't support/show torsion value. But here is what I got both during coast drivning and idle. Is there anyone our there who sees any problem on my values? Thanks a lot, Any help at all is very helpful

    Here is Idle

    And coast
  2. Octavian Diaconu

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    Oct 5, 2016
    Vw Polo 2006 1.4 TDI 59kW 1422cc BNV
    Bucharest, Romania
    I'm having -0.6 -0.4 +1.1:eek::dunno:bangshead
    does anyone know the limits of these values? I would incline to say that there is a problem with injector no 3 (or 1, I don't know where does the count begin :) ) BUUUT..the car runs perfect. 231.000 km, starts "sfert" (word by word means "quarter"...starts at the first stroke...or "fura cheia"..."steals the key") cold or warm engine, maximum 5l/100km, no smoke, full power, no strange noises (that I can hear).
    should I try a cleaning product for the nozzles? are they trustworthy? or they can do more damage than good?


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