Need help for Stage 3 tuning - VW Polo 6r - 1.6L TDI CR 90hp @ 220hp

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    Mar 20, 2017
    VW Polo 6r 2010
    Upgrades : Turbo, Injector nozzles, Intercooler, Full Exhaust, SMF, Clutch

    Dictionnary :
    SOI : Start of Injection
    SOC : Start of Combustion
    EGT : Exhaust Gas Temperature
    TDC : Top Dead Center (ATDC after, BTDC before)
    HP : Horsepower
    NM : Newton meter
    CR : Common Rail

    I made a first tune on my VW Polo 5 1.6L TDI CR 90hp which produced 220hp and 415nm.
    In order to reduce EGT, smoke and grab few hp, I bought 4 stock injectors with big nozzles.
    Stock nozzle : 6 holes * 0.120
    Big nozzle : 5 holes * 0.240

    Engine starts fine but i have a big work to do on SOI, Durations Map and Ramp Pressure in order to reduce smoke and the sound the engine makes.

    First, I flashed back the original file and made logs.
    Then, I edited Durations Map axis and tried to increase mg in front of durations -> example : 0.500ms opening time was for 40mg @ 1000bar, now 0.500ms is 55mg @ 1000bar. (I don't remember real data).
    Result is less black smoke in low and middle loads, less fuel consumption, and i'm not far from getting the stock 90hp.
    I still have grey / white smoke in low and middle loads (i didn't change SOI), and black smoke when full throttle (where ramp pressure is high).
    With first tries, I heard injector noises, which was maybe produced by a SOC too early, result of a too high increase of Duration Map axis -> 0.500ms for 40mg @ 2000 rpm was -5° BTDC, 0.500ms for 55mg @ 2000rpm is -7° BTDC (I don't remember real data).
    Idle is less smoky than with stock file.

    Maybe someone here can help for calibrating injection in this common rail engine :)
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