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  1. Darren dominey

    Darren dominey New Member

    Dec 24, 2017
    2005.5 jetta
    Cold brook ns
    Cold air intake, performance exhaust, shocks
    i have a 2005.5 mk5 jetta i couldnt get it to start. i started looking on here and found lots of good advice. Thanks. unfortunately i think one of the engine mount bolts sheared right through the engine casing on the front passenger side of the motor just in front of the timing belt. i have not taken the wheel well off to see if the lower bolt is the same but the engine casing is cracked as well. i figure that is a good reason not to start and is pretty much a right off.

    what i an wondering is will the mk5 engine out of a 2006 jetta fit in this body. i all ready rebuild the rocker panels and put a bunch of new parts on this car and i would hate to have to start from scratch but i cant seem to find any 2005 jettas around.

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