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MK3 milage

Discussion in 'VW Mk3 Jetta, Passat TDI and other/older diesels' started by Genos, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Genos

    Genos Member

    Sep 29, 2010
    97.7 TDI Jetta
    Gt wing & GTI Flyer wheels.
    Hello all, my '97.7 Jetta on the last tank went about 460 miles& I filled her up, think I got about 39.4 mpg, mostly city driving. Checked pump timing w/Ross-Tech,dead-on middle of graph. Set EGR duty cycle.Last tank I think I was about 42 mpg, Is this normal variation, colder weather coming, more warm-up time,etc? I put a head on her a couple thousand miles ago, no problems, engine temp seems a little low, 165-170F,should change t-stat?anything else to get more mpg? cars a great runner, starts fast no issues,has 5-speed. Would 15 inch tires help? Wish it was 5-bolt rims,is it possible to change hubs?. thanks Genos
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  2. Seatman

    Seatman Active Member

    Jul 9, 2010
    2000 Mk4 Golf Estate 1.9tdi 174 bhp
    PP764's, turbo and mapping
    Hello, A lot of people over here in the UK change their hubs for the five stud on various vags but you can also buy adapters. I don't think the tyres would make much difference personally but I could be wrong. Your mpg seems a bit low if it's a 1.9tdi. Is there a chance of miss calculation?

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