Just bought an 09 Jetta!

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    Apr 10, 2012
    2009 Jetta
    Hi all,

    My name is Ben and I am from the northwest side of Chicago.
    I just bought an 09 Jetta 6MT with 20K miles on it. From what the dealer I bought from and VW confirmed all recall work was done including oil and filter changes.

    I love my car so far and have no problems after putting the first 1000 miles on it. It drives fantastic and I look forward to getting to know the knowledgable people on this site.

    If anyone is in the Chicago area and knows how to do basica maintenance on these cars and would have time to help me do my own work that would be awesome. I have always wanted to learn how to maintain my own cars but usually like to do things under supervision.

    Also if there are any good mechanic recommendations that would also be very helpful.

    Last question I had was the use of diesel fuel and additives. I ask this because everything seems to be b11+ in chicago and it says not to use more than B5. The other concern is that the regular #2 diesel usualy has a lubricity rating that is higher than the max 430 VW limit which is also a concern. It seems like you cant win. As for now I have decided to use the #2 with an additive to lower the lubricity to below 430 . I was curious to see how much this affects the cars and what other people do in response to this. Thanks in advance!
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    May 23, 2007
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    someone recommended these guys http://www.dupageautowerks.com/webpage/htmls/homepage.html or http://www.mobileoneinc.com/Mobile_One_Inc/Home.html I don't have any knowledge about them, just someone else's recommendation.


    You want as much fuel lubricity as you can get. Supposedly biodiesel dilutes the engine oil, if it were my car I'd try B11 and do some oil testing from some place like blackstone to monitor engine oil. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/DPF-Adblue-FAQ-VW-Audi.htm read the DPF FAQ for some more info on this issue

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