Introduction and a current project, head replacement bent valves, suggestions on kits

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    Hello everyone, My name is Alex and I live in Texas.
    I sold my tacoma 4x4 for something more efficient. A close friend of mine that lives in Arkansas was telling me about his car, one of the weekends I went to go and hangout he showed his new to him 2004 golf tdi PD, he got with only 120k very well taken care of and very clean. He was telling me that he could easily get 650+ miles to the tank. It was amazing.
    So I was inspired and sought out to buy one! And after weeks and weeks of searching I came across a seller that was selling his golf tdi with 115k miles for 2100 because it had a mechanical problem. They didnt really want to fix it because he assumed it would be costly. But he did not know exactly was the problem plus I was buying online. So I took the risk and bought it. Brought it home the following week and we took a look inside and you could the timing belt had broke.
    I saw the DIY post in the cylinder head removal and followed through, some of the lifters were damaged so we assumed that some of the valves were bent. We took the head to the shop and they told us that some of the valves needed to be replaced but that was it.
    So now we are currently looking to buy the head gasket kit and timing belt kit, replace the lifters and valves, clean the egr.

    So any suggestions on a good price for the kits? Or should I buy everything separately?
    And since the turbo is out is there any maintenance that should be done or anything I should check for?

    Sorry for the long post just so excited to get it put back together!!:D
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    Check for sticking vanes, see the FAQ for this. If sticking, should clean them now or replace turbo. See the turbo actuator replacement article in FAQ for some tips and turbo cleaning DIY. Since it's off the car, no problem with using the oven cleaner method since you can thoroughly flush it out safely.

    Clean out intake manifold and head of all the soot.

    After the repair final price should be about even with a good runner but your car has low miles and will have a new head.


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