Hesitating between a new TDI Wagon and a Toyota Prius V

Discussion in 'VW Mk6 Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Sportwagen TDI forum' started by Campoozmstnz, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Campoozmstnz

    Campoozmstnz New Member

    Feb 9, 2012
    Hyundai Elantra GT 2003
    Good day all.

    2 days ago I test drove a Prius V and I'm very psyched about it. I really like all the gadgets. However after reading a bit on the net, there are still some concerns that are making me lean towards the new VW TDI Wagon. Some say the Toyota is very loud when at high RPM's (when loaded or passing on the highway). How are the Volks diesel engines in these conditions? We go camping a lot so we'll often be very loaded.

    I could not answer this on my drive since the dealer took us around the block at city speeds.

    Also, how is the VW standard equipment (stereo, controls, etc)

    I'll test drive a VW tomorrow. I know these are 2 different cars, but they have similar advantages (space, fuel economy).

    Any comments?
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  2. golfTDI1

    golfTDI1 Member

    Oct 25, 2010
    2010 VW Golf TDI 6M 4dr
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    I'll add my my two cents. If you drive locally in an urban area, on local streets or in stop and go traffic, and less than 10 miles on an average day, and aren't picky about how a car handles or accelerates then the Prius is your best bet (I'm not saying the Prius handles badly or slowly for what it is, but its no Volkswagen!).

    However, if you drive longer distances at highway speeds, require a larger amount of cargo and have a heavy foot, then a TDI vehicle is a better choice. FYI: Its not advisable to run diesels for short distances where they barely warm up (and they take far longer to warm up than the typical gasser). Diesels are better for distance driving.

    I can say with certainty that under full throttle, the TDI is far quieter than the Prius 4 banger and will provide for a much more effortless acceleration experience when the right gear is chosen. The Prius' forte is accelerating from a stop or at lower speeds when the electric motor is called upon. Passing on the highway is another story.

    Not sure about what's coming standard right now on the TDIs but when I bought my '10, it pretty much came fully loaded. I have found all of the control easy to use and I love the RCD-510 radio. This radio has since been replaced with a similar, yet slightly different model. Some people are not thrilled with the radio, its personal preference. I happen to like it though.

    Good luck!!
  3. Conrad -JSW

    Conrad -JSW Member

    Dec 11, 2011
    2012 JSW TDI DSG Sunroof/Nav Silver/black
    I know nothing of the Prius so I can't comment on those, except I've heard that they are not very much fun to drive.

    As for the JSW, I bought my '12 JSW TDI DSG (automatic) just before Christmas and I flat out love the car, so does my wife.

    To answer your questions. I haven't driven the car with any type of load except for a huge load of groceries. The car is extremely quiet under all conditions that I've driven in so far.

    As for the stereo and controls. The stereo is adequate, it's not audiophile quality but it sounds pretty darn good. The controls for everything are very well thought out and conveniently located. All the switches and controls seem to be made using high quality components and there's nothing that looks cheap about the car. Plus, it's fun to drive!
  4. Ol'Rattler

    Ol'Rattler Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2011
    06 TDI Jetta
    I have heard that Hybrids get real terrible mileage when used for towing so I would expect when loaded to near gross weight, a Hybrids mileage wouldn't be very good. Towing may not be recommended for the Prius. If towing is something you are interested in, read the Prius manual for recommendations.

    On my 06 manual, I towed a 5X8 U-Haul loaded with a piano over Snoqualmie pass (near Seattle) and didn't need to shift out of 5th. I doubt if you could do that with a Prius.

    VW says for towing, the the 5 speed is limited to 1000 pounds tow load and I thinks it's 100 pounds tongue weight but in reality they can handle class 1 which is 2000 pounds and 200 pounds tongue weight without problems.

    VW also states that with the DSG, (type of automatic) towing is not recommended. I think that is because the DSG can't handle as much torque as the manual can.
  5. rhino1829

    rhino1829 Member

    Mar 31, 2011
    2012 Golf TDI
    Womelsdorf, Pa
    Obviously on this site, you're going to get a 2 thumbs up for a TDI. All I can say is to drive both and go with what you like. I have never driven a prius, so I can't speak on that vehicle, but I have had my Golf TDI (6-speed manual) since December and absolutely love it. Pretty much with the responses from Conrad and TDI1, they covered the basics of the vehicle. The car is a blast to drive, with all controls conveniently located. The car is extremely quiet under all conditions compared to the gassers I've driven in the past. Also the TDI is made to be driven. It hates short trips where it doesn't come up to temp. I drive about 26 miles each way to work each day and it takes the first 5 or 6 miles of stop and go to come up to temp. So I guess it all comes down to what your drive is like on a daily basis, but also what you enjoy. Drive them both and see what you like. I'm sure after driving the TDI, you won't want to look back at the prius, but everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so make the choice that's right for you. Good luck!!
  6. Bigtanuki

    Bigtanuki New Member

    Feb 8, 2012
    2012 JSW
    We have had a Toyota Highlander Hybrid since 2006. Now at about 87,000 miles. It's a great vehicle and probably a better comparison with the JSW. We also just purchased a 2012 JSW TDI about 3 weeks ago. The basic thing you need to factor in, is what type of driving you plan on doing. The Highlander (like the Prius) LOVES stop and go traffic. We have averaged in the 24 mpg for the life of the Highlander with about 35/65 city/hwy split. I have gotten as high as 37 mpg on a tank when I spent a grueling Friday night getting out of southern California in stop and go traffic, but overall about 24 mpg. It has a tow rating of 3500# and the electrics augment the ICE so it's very zippy.

    If you are planning commutes at freeway speeds I would recommend the TDI. My costs have dropped from about 19 c/gallon with my previous commuter (350Z) to less than 10 c/gallon when I shop for diesel. I am getting about 42 mpg as of this last tank. If you do a significant portion of your driving in town or in stop and go I would for the TDI. The higher initial cost is something else to factor into the TCO as well as a new set of batteries if you plan on keeping it past the warranty period for the batteries.

    just my .02 worth
  7. ERE

    ERE Member

    Jan 2, 2012
    VW Jetta Sport Wagon / 2012
    I've owned both, and loved them both but for different reasons.

    The prius got better overall milage. I averaged around 48 where as in my JSW, I am currently averaging 42 city-highway. The prius, which was a gen 2 version, was less comfortable and handled sort of mushy where as the jetta is crisp and firm on the road like any German car. All important to me was the Prius ability to get in the HOV lanes around DC with only one person in it. With a 60 mile daily commute into DC, I couldn't have lived without it. After I retired (again), I got the 09 Jetta SW. I now have a 2012 JSW. Both cars were (have been) problem free except for each one had a recall maintenance handled with no problems.
  8. davehyatt

    davehyatt New Member

    Jan 29, 2012
    2012 TDI Jetta SportWagon
    I own a 2010 Prius and just ordered and 2012 TDI sportwagon. I drive about 70 miles a day and have averaged 47 MPG in the Prius so the milage is better than the Jetta sportwagon will be. The reson I'm getting rid of the Prius is its just not that fun to drive... Don't get me wrong I do like it, it has great bluetooth and Sirius radio but the WOW factor is just not there. So I did my research and wanted something that got better then 40 MPG so Jetta TDI sportwagon was my choose. I think you can't go wrong with either. Good luck.
  9. turbobrick240

    turbobrick240 New Member

    Jan 9, 2012
    VW golf tdi 2011
    superchips flash, B2 every tank since new, elbrus
    If you are truly psyched about a Prius , then driving performance is obviously not a large concern. Just get the funny looking thing. The thing that bothers me about Prius are the batteries. These batteries are an environmental nightmare. If you decide you actually enjoy driving, buy a tdi.
  10. geepsterz

    geepsterz New Member

    Jan 24, 2012
    2012 Passat TDI SEL Premium
    I had a 2008 Prius Touring (level 4, sticker near $30K) for 4 years (82K miles), and enjoyed the 44-47 (and sometimes 55/gal on long I-40 drives) MPGs that I usually got. The low-end torque was very good with 2 pax. My avg highway speeds were 75-85 mph, so for economy, that was great. The big problem, was that Prius (then) was never touted for "comfort," since the bragging rights were in its superior mileage. My Prius had a good amount of "toys," BUT, it really lacked a ride for the 3-4K mile round trips that we made annually. On windy days, we really got jerked around, since the car was light, and lacked both track and suspension.
    To remedy this, I was willing to trade some MPGs for a better ride, and was then deciding between the hybrids by Camry and Sonata. After reading about the TDI, it quickly became the clear choice. I was so naive about diesels (smoke, clatter from yesteryear), but wow, times have changed! I ended up with a Passat TDI, but I could've easily chose the TDI JSW. You will love the TDI's performance, and the very distinctive and solid ride that comes from German engineering.
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