help with clutch fork in slave cylinder hole

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    Jun 25, 2013
    02 Golf TDI GLS
    the other day i started having problems shifting, like the clutch wasnt disengaging when shifting. it went from normal to no workey in about 15 applications of the clutch.

    i thought it was the clutch master or slave, well i replaced them and it still doesnt work. but the slave seems to only be able to push the fork maybe 1.5-2cm, when its bolted in the hole with the piston all the way out.

    i was wondering if someone has a 5spd mk4 tranny sitting around that they could measure how far in the fork is measured to the outside of the case through the slave cylinder hole, hope this makes sense.

    or another way, if youve ever installed a slave cylinder was the piston all the way out with it being compressed only about 2cm when you tighten down the slave to the tranny?

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