Help me sell veggie truck and rv please

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    Jun 17, 2014
    1999 dodge ram 2500 deisel
    San Diego
    Runs on veggie oil
    Hi my name is bob davis
    I have a 2500 1999 long bed dodge ram diesel convertied by greeneye in oregon, it has a brand new rebuilt tranny braking system and custom veggie oil collection system with a 125 gallon stainless steel holdong tank for holding used veggie oil with pumps. It has a separate 35 gallon oil tank with heat sensors and fuel quantity senors. I have never used it for what it was designed to do which was for collecting oil for my truck and more importantly my forty ft beaver patriot rv which was also completely renovated with toxic free Materials and converted to run on vegi oil with a 85 gallon separate tan Because i Came down lyme desease and mold exposure I got to sick to do my families dream of traveling for a few years while I recovered but wife couldn't handle the stress of my illness and we went our separate ways, I got the truck rv and my eight year old, I am now ready to learn how to sell both of them and staring with the truck, and then the rv next year because I am living in it with my young son .
    Where can I sell it? And how do I determine its value, I am willing to pay someone to help me find a buyer
    Thank you
    Bob davis 7605001345
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