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    Jan 6, 2013
    golf mk4 2002 ARL150
    ottenger Kit
    HI a Golf MK4 2002 ARL PD 150

    i have a problem with my connection
    I can test see and communicate will all the engine parameters and do all output tests fine
    i have cut the K wire (grey with a thin white line) going into the aftermarket stereo

    My problem is seeing live data (measuring Blocks)
    with the engine off ignition on i can see all blocks. rpm, volts, etc etc
    buy when i start the engine on.. i can see the parameters for about 2 sec then it tells me "failed to communicate

    Im using a MemoScan U600 tool

    If you have tips would be very helpful

    Another this is i can set up the VDCS program..just downloaded the new on 11.11.5 and installed it.. running windows x... installed ok but when trying to connect it to the golf it can find the usb connect cable.. tried on com 1 to 4 including USB. "Port not found"
    any suggestions



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