fuel injector timing requirements

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    I'm new to the VW TDI forum. What are some of the issues and tools required to confirm correct injector timing after reinstalling the injector pump after the timing belt 100,000 mile service?
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    welcometomyturbodies Welcome to the website!

    Have you gone over the timing belt r/r procedure?
    http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a4/ALH-engine-timing-belt-change-VW-Jetta-TDI-1.htm and

    You really need to lock down the camshaft at TDC - with the sprocket loose, and need to lock down the pump hub - with the sprocket loose... then after tensioning the belt by turning the tensioner clockwise, you make sure that the crankshaft is at TDC (you can still move it a bit to get it dead-on - using the 12-point 19mm bolt at the front of the engine), and then lock down the 2 sprockets... (make sure to remove the camshaft locking bar before tightening the camshaft sprocket bolt (45 Ft*Lbs is considered optimal)... rotate the engine twice (again, using the crankshaft bolt) and check for TDC at all 3 spots... Then, after you've put Humpty-Dumpty back together and have started the engine, you can use either an official VW scanner or VCDS (new name for Vag-Com) to fine-tune the basic timing.



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