FS:Diesel Power Digi CR 2 Channel TDI Module for 2011 VW 2.0L TDI - Northern NJ

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    Apr 17, 2011
    2011 Jetta TDI
    DIESEL POWER® Performance Module for 2009-2011 VW 2.0 TDI Common Rail Bosch Diesel with 140 and 236Nm hp stock. Diesel Power Module Produces: 168HP 278Nm. Better Throttle responce and upto 1.5 mpg gain when driven at steady speeds.

    More info here: http://www.pdrdiesel.com/products/2009_11_VW_CR_TDI_2_0_Power_Module-1205-71.html

    Asking $550.

    Makes the 2.0TDI Engine significantly better with faster and smoother acceleration.

    Call or text me at 917-951-7822 if interested.

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