FS: CJAA TDI Timing Belt Kit

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    Oct 11, 2017
    2011 VW Sportwagen TDI
    Riverside, CA
    Anyone in need of a timing belt kit for a 2011+ VW CJAA TDI? I ordered one but ended up trading the car in before It was needed. All parts are brand new. $295.


    Timing Belt - Contitech
    Timing Belt tensioner - Ina/Litens
    TB Large Roller - Ina/Litens
    TB Small Top Roller - Ina/Litens
    TB Small Bottom Roller - Ina/Litens
    Waterpump - GRAF/GEBA- Metal Impeller
    Serp Belt - Contitech

    HARDWARE (sourced directly from VW):

    roller nut x 1
    tensioner nut x 1
    Small Vertical Motor Mount stretch bolt x 1
    Small Vertical Motor x 1
    Large Vertical Motor Mount bolts M12x70 x 2
    Longest Horizontal Motor Mount bolt M10x115 x 1
    Mid-length Motor Mount bolt with M6 stud M10x90 x 1
    Shortest Horizontal Motor Mount bolt x 1
    Roller Bolt x 1
    Camshaft Sprocket Bolts x 3
    Waterpump Bolts x 3

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