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  1. Richard Smeed

    Richard Smeed New Member

    Apr 20, 2017
    Audi A6 Avant 1.9tdi 2001
    Hi all,
    We've had Audi 100/A6s in the family without a break since 1987. Main cars are now Mercs but I'm now left with a 2000 2.5 Tdi @ 220k miles and my wife's last 1.9 Tdi A6 (2001) @209k miles which has been on loan to our kids for 5 years........ returned to us this week with moth-eaten bodywork, interior which hasn't seen a hoover since we loaned it out and a gearbox resembling a bucket of tennis balls. Now under huge pressure to scrap them both - the 2.5 Tdi suffered the terminal swimming pool in the plenum chamber syndrome which has sadly screwed the electrics. I'm reluctant to give up on them. They're basically brilliant cars which need a bit of TLC - Car SOS comes to mind. The 1.9 Tdi has been replaced by a younger Passat with the same PD engine, but as I thought, our Audi must have been remapped 'cos it is a lot more fun than the VW.

    So, at 65 I'm researching what I need to do to try and rescue these family heirlooms - at negligible cost of course.... A legal VAG-COM looks like a first essential. Is there a diagnostic kit which will cater for 10/15 year-old Mercs as well as the Audis? Replacement DUK gearbox is another must have - would anyone trust an already dismantled ebay offering at £95?
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    May 23, 2007
    2006 Jetta TDI
    Not sure about what Merc has for diagnostics.

    Good luck with your project!
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