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    Jan 11, 2011
    98 Golf AHF
    First of all i apologize for my english.

    Remebered to see my injector pump physical timing on my 98 AHF engine and i have a doubt.

    In basic settings, under group000 i have the timing spot on blue line and moving around it (changing for spot dead on and within spec slightly retarded).

    When i see group004(measure blocks):

    rpm - 903 / specified start - 1.3ºBTDC / actual start - 1.3ºBTDC / cold start valve - 76.9%

    Reading values on warm engine, coolant temp in 88º on vagcom. I read in few DIY that the cold start solenoide should be =<10% when ip timing its ok.

    Do i have any problem?no errors on vagcom, didnt see any report on my car. just remeber to play with vagcom and see the values/DIY and see this

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