1. crysto4

    crysto4 New Member

    Jul 17, 2011
    2011 Golf TDI
    When I got my 2011 Golf TDI I wanted to put on a clear bra. Probably the bikini style. I never did. I clay bar the car, polish and wax it but now have a few chips on the nose. Before it gets too bad on my BLACK Golf TDI, I'm wondering if any of you have dealt with this type situation and what steps you might take? I don't want to use the crappy touch up stick but feel the nose doesn't really need a repaint as there aren't many of these chips.

    Ideas please?

    Thanks -
  2. hawleyrw

    hawleyrw New Member

    Jun 25, 2012
    2012 Jetta TDI
    I purchased a clear bra for my 2012 (only had it since May). Not much 'experience' with it yet = no big rocks, etc, but I've only got 4600 miles on it. A big trip coming up this week (1500 miles), so we'll see what that brings.

    So far, I like it - can barely see it and time will tell on whether it was worth the cost. I paid just over $600 (Ziebart) for the bumper, headlight covers, hood, front qtr panels, pillars, and front of the roof (between the windshield and the sunroof).

    My whole deal was to prevent chips I got like on my Golf - most on the space above the windshield and front of the hood.

    We'll see. I'll report back here.

  3. dhectorg

    dhectorg New Member

    Jul 30, 2012
    2012 Golf TDI 6-spd manual w/ tech pkg
    Desired mods: LED tail lights, 'Goal' Anthracite w
    I'm getting one

    My black 2012 TDI is only 3 weeks old with 1500 miles on odo and I already have quite a few small stone chips. Therefore, I'm having Xpel Ultimate clear bra installed on the entire front end next month, including hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors, a-pillars, and roof edge. I still want to fix the few chips I do have before having the film applied because I don't want to pay $900 for the wrap (yep, it's steep!) only to still see flaws underneath it. I'm pissed at myself for not doing the front end wrap immediately after purchase, but we live and learn :annoyed
  4. ksing44

    ksing44 Member

    Apr 11, 2010
    2010 Golf TDI
    Southeast Pennsylvania
    I'm sure the clear bras are great, but I wear the sandblasted front of my car like a badge of honor as a commuter. By the time I'm done with the car, those imperfections will be the least of my concerns. Actually, it is already the least of my concerns. I'm more concerned about not having an accident and not having any major mechanical issues.

    Maybe if you're going to sell the car in just a few years it could be worth the price of admission to get the protection. Even then, however, is somebody really going to pass on your perfectly maintained lower mileage car because it has some minor imperfections from driving down the highway? In fact, I think people generally like the idea that the car is mostly highway miles, so it could be a selling point!

    Also, even sandblasted, I still get plenty of looks and nice comments about my shiny little TDI.

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