CJAA in Tiguan with limited RPM

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  1. vwztips1

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    Oct 29, 2017
    2004 Passat TDI manual, 2012 Tiguan TDI 6 spd
    Greenville, SC
    Just got through installing a complete CJAA with 6 speed manual from a 2013 Golf into my 2012 Tiguan. Drivetrain has 52k miles on them

    What I have done:
    New timing belt kit
    CP3 fuel pump kit
    EGR delete kit from Darkside
    S3 intercooler kit from Darkside
    Engine wiring harness and ;ECU from Golf
    Accelerator pedal from Golf
    Tune from TDTuning with EGR and DPF delete (for off road purposes)
    Marin (jetta, 97 on TDIclub) performed cluster and immo swap on Golf instrument cluster

    I was not able to run engine before installing into the Tig as the donor car was trashed and had no key.
    I did fire up the motor before installing the timing belt and CP3 pump. Surprisingly it fired up after 3-4 turns.

    After the timing belt and CP3 pump I drove it down the road for the first time. I noticed it felt like I had no boost. I can here the turbo spooling up. It also feels like it has a governor on it, as once it gets to 2500 RPM the accelerator pedal does nothing.

    I had the EGR and DPF items unplugged so I thought it was in limp mode. After the tune it performs the same way. Also when sitting still and in neutral, it revs to 2500 and no further (this may be normal, can someone confirm?)

    No codes are present. Only exception is that after a 2-3 mile run I did get
    001037 EGR Temp Sensor 1 too high (not sure why since this is currently deleted out of the code)
    009571 Turbo boost control position sensor circuit - implausible signal - intermittent
    but cleared it and has not come back again.

    Here is what I have checked:
    Vacuum to N75 = 25
    N75 audibly clicks in test procedure
    Moved actuator with vacuum pump.
    Actuator does open when I unplug the N75 and/or sensor
    Actuator shows 6 ohms to ground on both pins
    Have power going to both N75 (12V) and Actuator (5V) plugs
    Unplugged the anti-shutter valve to make sure it was not closed
    Confirmed no rags or towels in the charge are lines

    Any pointers/advice would be much appreciated.
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  2. V.double.u

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    Dec 28, 2017
    Vw Tiguan 2.0 tdi 4 motion 2010
    Have you managed to solve this problem I have similar problem after fitting engine CFGB into my Tiguan engine runs fine but have no boost when in limp mode if I switch ignition on and off it goes for a while but returns any ideas ?
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  3. vwztips

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    Jan 13, 2013
    2004 Passat
    Yes I did, or should I say Mike at Tdtuning did. It was the way the ECU was processing the items which had been turned off. It was still looking for some signals and when it didn't find them would cause a limp mode but not throw codes.

    On occasion it would run fine but it was very random when it would do that.

    He changed how it processes those items and have had no issues since.

    Also the 2500 rpm limit is normal when sitting still.

    I really like this set up. VW should have imported the Tig to the US with a TDI.

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