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    Jun 30, 2012
    brm pd tdi jetta
    Thank you MTD.
    The detailed procedures on replacing cam and timing kit saved my family.
    My first cam was a nightmare just in diagnostics. This site made it possible for me to avoid $9k, replace every part touching, dealer quote.
    The first time the "masters" had this car @35k they replaced the dual flywheel, which did not fix anything. 50k I started counting miles and found the odo over 3/10 of a mile but that didnt matter, when i brought the jetta in @70,160miles, our warranty was over. We were not ready to bring a car "in" my wifes work demands her presence.
    Anyway, 2 1/2 years payin on this comfy, safe, quite and 47mpg car, 140k ready for the second cam kit.
    Between the drive by wire, wastegate, esp and the geometry chosen for timing sprockets there is a glitch, the poor little follower has the weight of it all. My wife loves the car hates the glitch, lurches and lumping. The second cam wore out completly different than the first, ruling out oil problems maby.
    My one question for the real masters, on this site: With a free wheel at common speeds, there is a sweet spot, how can I get that sweet spot with this car?
    thank you again.
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    What do you mean free wheel? You mean rolling in neutral? For what purpose, max mpg?
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    You are rambling. I have no clue about what you are asking/describing.

    • If you payed or were quoted $9K for diagnosis and cam, lifters etc replacement,you were totally and vigorously shafted by that dealer. The dealers was correct in replacing "everything the T/B touches".
    • Even on a PD, at 140K miles there is no way you should be on your 3rd cam.
    • A PD does not have a "wastegate".
    • A PD is not "fly by wire". It is throttle by wire and the steering is mechanical with electronic assist.
    • Please explain the "glitch" the "little follower" has that causes "lurches and lumping"
    • What do you mean when you describe "the sweet spot for free-wheeling"?.
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