BRAND NEW brakes, BAD offset, help...

Discussion in 'VW Mk3 Jetta, Passat TDI and other/older diesels' started by noxneon, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. noxneon

    noxneon New Member

    Jun 25, 2012
    1998 vw jetta tdi
    so i had to buy new calipers along with pads and rotors cause the right front caliper had dropped a brake pad and pushed the piston into the rotor. so brand new front brakes, and there is a HUGE offset in where the pad sits on the rotor, like over a 1/4" off. i can already see wear marks in both rotors, and its got me kinda worried. i bought all the parts from the napa warehouse in pdx or, and have always done business with them in the past without problems. anyways i just went out and wiped part of the lf rotor with my finger and i guess it wasnt wear marks it was just dust marks, but its still a bad offset. Anyone else had this problem... o the car is a 1998 vw jetta tdi.

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