Bluetooth issues, ok, what's my move?

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    May 3, 2012
    2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDI
    Great community here folks.

    New owner, just a couple of weeks with our tdi sportwagen, and we love everything about this car. Exept the Bluetooth functionality on the radio. Same old story for us, the unit plays only the right channel of audio spread out amongst all the speakers and our iPhone 4S phones will autoplay when they pair up with the car. No repairing, restoring or anything has fixed it.

    I don't have to expand on why this is so annoying, suffice it to say even though (or because) my job is in the music business and I have to do a lot of listening in the car, I have had some pretty wild distracted driving moments trying to figure out where the music on my phone was or wasnt coming from -- and god help me if a phone call came in....

    Brought to the service department and asked them to check it out and if they could confirm it, to just disable the media player. They confirmed it but told me they weren't allowed to disable the media player. Ok....

    Called VW, they listened patiently and then said the iPhone 4S isn't compatible with this head unit. In a brand new car. They told me that they didn't have this problem registered in the system and that they couldn't say whether it was being worked on.

    I am pretty frustrated. I want to move on with my life and have a phone that just works in the car. I'm really kicking myself for not researching this part more, I guess it's a part of life now with new cars. Like I said, so thrilled with everything else about the car.

    Here's what I'm not going to do: make do. We just spent a lot of money on this car. And yes, I know I could just unpair my phone and go back to a mess of cables like I have in my Honda fit. But it should work, the dealer sold us of this car with that feature.

    So my next move is to go to the dealership and in a very friendly way confront the guy that sold us the car. Which is where I'm asking for your advice. What I want him to do is make this his mission to fix, have him take it all the way to the top and be advocates for us. If only the world were so perfect. So unless he surprises us with his can do attitude, I need to have a backup plan to ask of him.

    Here are a few things I'm considering asking for:
    -reimbursement for a new, aftermarket, compatible head unit
    -reimbursement for paying someone to disable the media player using vcds (something I know nothing about)
    -a commitment to getting this solved at a corporate level.

    I don't know, I feel so ridiculous having to spend this much time on this problem, but it's a real issue and it sucks a little of the fun of this car away.

    I keep flashing back to the part of the sale where he asked what kind of phones we had and when we told him he said something like "oh good, you'll love how those integrate with the stereo".....

    Looking forward to talking about something else in here with y'all but really grateful for any insight anyone has about this.
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