Advice for buying high mileage Passat wagon

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  1. TribalMama

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    Feb 26, 2012
    Passat wagon
    I have a deposit down on a 2005 Passat wagon. Body and interior are in good shape, just needs a good detail. Has 200,000 miles, a number that makes me uneasy. Dealership is inspecting and putting in new timing belt on Monday, so I don't really know yet what condition it is in and I haven't been able to drive it. Planning to have local VW dealership do inspection as well on Wednesday. I'm guessing that the asking price will be around $9,000, but not sure yet b/c the dealership I'm buying it from only had it for 12 hours when I put down deposit so they hadn't had time to value it.

    I love the Passat tdi wagons for their size and fuel economy. I'm trying to get out of my gas loving Kia Sedona. Jettas are too small for my family and rear facing car seat. Must have wagon for doggy sidekick.

    What would be deal breakers for you, given that the car has high miles? Would you even consider it? I have the resources to do catch up and preventative maintenance, but am not interested in *restoring* a car . . . then again, I really love these cars.

    Thoughts, advice, words of wisdom?

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    2006 Jetta TDI
    95% chance it'll need a new camshaft and I would personally replace the oil pump assembly since if it's still original it's on the last legs. With that high miles I'd also refresh the suspension. On this body the bushings are part of the arms so you have to buy a whole arm kit.

    This is all stuff you can do in the driveway. However this adds a few thousand. $9000 isn't worth it for 200,000 miles IMHO because when you're said and done you're looking at $13,000. I have a Passat wagon and think it's a great car but you do have to be aware of the design weaknesses. Read this toowelcometomyturbodies

    Have the dealer credit you the labor and parts for TB replacement and DIY. If you do the oil pump you'll have to do it again anyways.
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    May 11, 2011
    2005 Passat 2.0 TDI/PD
    And beware of trans problems, the torque converter especially.

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