A4 Cam/inlet valve issue

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    A4 1.9tdi Quattro Avant (2003)
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    Car is a 2003 A4 1.9 tdi 130 Quattro Avant with the AVF engine, 210,000 miles covered

    The week leading up to taking the car off the road my wife had said the car had been funny... noises and vibrations from gearstick but then returning to normal. When I drove it the fault didn't occur, i had wondered if the alternator pulling was seizing.
    Finally the fault didn't clear and she limped home (4miles) from work. The engine had become loud but not mechanical sounding, more hollow like the exhaust or inlet ducting had split. Couldn't find anything at first glance other than the air at the inlet let side of air filter was puffing (positive pressure) but if you covered the whole there was suction there.

    The next day in day light I investigated further and found that when rev'd hard there was a metallic noise. Also with intake pipe removed from the turbo inlet, I was still having this puffing air. So I removed the rocker cover and inspected the cam... several lobes worn!! Yay fault found! New cam kits and installation information researched but the loudness of the engine at idle and puffing air remained in my mind as it didn't fit.

    Use of the Father inlaw's garage agreed and with all the info on the net saying how coked up they can get I start removing EGR, IC, ducting etc to give it a clean/inspection, so I knew if I needed any extra bits. Pleasantly surprised the IC didn't seemed too dirty, with only a bit of oil residue coming out of the bottom hose connection.

    With the engine bay looking more sparse I debated on whether to remove the inlet manifold, it was oily for sure and would benefit a clean but wondered if it would just cause another issue. Decided to whip it off and soooo glad I did!! Caked in gunk where it joined the head but also exposed that the one inlet port wasn't oily but grey and sooty. Seems the inlet valve isn't seating!

    This I believe is the reason for the loud air sound and puffing effect but what could cause this? Bent valve? Carbon on valve seat?

    What's the next step? Head removal? clean in situ? Is it likely to clear itself?
    Is this a common issue (cant find anything on the net about it)? Has anyone had this happen?

    I would really appreciate peoples thoughts on this...




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    There are plenty of free picture/video storage sites. I use http://s10.photobucket.com/ and http://i66.tinypic.com

    Photobucket isn't easy to get the IMG link but tinypic is, its the text box on the left after you have uploaded a picture.

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    You already found the problem for the intake puffing. Replace your cam and lifters. Unless a lifter is completely worn through and the valve stem is damaged, the head does not need to be removed.

    Valves on a TDI do not bend, they compress because they are not angled and if you did a timing belt and got a collision with a valve, the head needs to be removed to fix the compressed valve because in about 5K miles or so the damaged valve will drop it's head intro the cylinder because a collision will cause a fracture in the valve. The engine will run fine until the failure occurs.

    Carbon is not an issue. My PD has 175K miles on it and I don't have any intake puffing or "sticking valve" issues. I'm on my 2nd cam. I replaced the first cam when I did my timing belt because it was showing signs of wear and I did not want to replace the cam 1/2 of the way between T/B replacements.
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