2001 tdi with power issues

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    May 22, 2012
    2001 jetta tdi
    Hi my name is Paul, I own two tdi Jetta's a 2001 & a 2010 . I have owned diesel vw's since the 80's and enjoyed every one of them until know. I purchased the 2001 Jetta about 4 years ago with 170,000 miles. Up to a few months ago I had no problems. Then I had a issue with the trans not starting in low. Had a bad trans harness ,replaced same and fix the problem. Now I am having a problem with no power and check engine light lit. It seems to run fine until I hold pedal to floor for a while. Then it feels like it's starving for fuel. I have been on this web site using the information that was provided. When checked with auto store scanner a code 0234 shows up. It's very difficult to diagnose this problem when a few things give the same simptoms. Anyone have a similar problem?werd
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    2006 Jetta TDI

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