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130000k mile vw golf mkiv rebuild. what to replace?

Discussion in 'General Diesel Discussion' started by drhankinbush, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. drhankinbush

    drhankinbush New Member

    Feb 14, 2012
    hello everyone! first post for me. i have a 2001 golf 2.0mkiv that i recently decided tp rebuild for long term future survival. it presented with so many of the typical problems--stalling, slow coolant leak, coolant temp sensor issues, maf issues plus wear and tear-really rough suspension, clutch wear, and right cv joint noise.
    so far, i have replaced the maf, the o2 sensors, the catalytic converter and exhaust flanges and cleaned the tb + vagcom tb adaptation.
    i have replaced the clutch, the coolant reservoir, the cap, the coolant temp sensor and the flange connecting it to the engine. i have started rebuilding suspension with shocks and springs, tie rods, ball joints and soon, the control arm bushings.
    i have also changed the transmission oil.

    i love the car and want to make it live as long as possible. so my question is, what else would you replace to make it last forever?
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  2. larrysmiths1

    larrysmiths1 Member

    Jan 18, 2011
    '89 cabrio
    a few... cam,header, ss exhaust,suspension, short
  3. dezel

    dezel Member

    Jan 5, 2011
    02 jetta tdi leather gls
    Kerma chip & Bosio 520 nozzles
    Are you getting codes or problems that necessitate replacing the exhaust? On my 02 I recently had to do a cv axle,did both got them from raxles, lifetime warranity. I have already done battery & alternater. The car still has orig. front brakes just did rear. I would only replace whats needed 130,000 is not many miles. Focus on wear items brakes,timing belt,oil changes, fluids, 109 relay,clean intake etc. Look in the Faq section good info. What type of mileage are you getting?
  4. Calidris96

    Calidris96 New Member

    Aug 5, 2010
    2003 Jetta GLS TDI Wagon
    Sigma-5 shifter, Panzer FMJ, Koni FSDs, towing spr
    I was looking for similar information and found some good things to watch out for in the buyers guide.
  5. Keithuk

    Keithuk Super Moderator

    Aug 29, 2010
    2010 Golf GTD (170) CBBB
    Stoke on Trent, England
    Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies


    Golf/Golf Estate (98-06) 1,9D TDI 1997-02

    Timing belt - Renew Every 60000 miles or 48 months

    130k Sevice

    Engine oil Drain/refill
    Engine oil filter Renew
    Diesel fuel filter Drain. Renew every 20k
    Pollen filter, if fitted Renew every 20k

    Front brake pads Check/report
    Front brake discs Check/report
    Rear brake pads Check/report
    Rear brake discs Check/report
    Brake linings through inspection hole Check
    Timing belt Check/report

    Service interval indicator Reset

    Nothing Major at all just a visual check on everything.

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