06 Jetta TDI With Tons of extras and upgrades $7000 Obo

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    Nov 6, 2015
    2006 VW Jetta TDI
    Danville, IN.
    IMG_20160910_191715.jpg Hello TDI'ers,

    I am selling my 06 Jetta TDI with BRM engine and DSG. This car has high miles on body 309,000 (engine has been replaced by previous owner under warranty, not sure of exact miles on engine so I base off of body, guessing around 200k) lots of upgrades including but not limited to

    1. Camshaft (colt stage 3 from Kerma), Timing belt done at 306k
    2. New Bosio 1043 Injectors (calibrated by kerma)- 298k
    3. New Mechatronics unit in DSG- 298k
    4. New wheels and tires from tirerack- 308k
    5. EGR has been removed but not deleted (Kerma won't delete for me)
    6. Kerma tune with Q-loader
    7. Has Block Heater

    Also there have been several other fixes along the way,
    1. New headliner
    2. Oil pan gasket (fixed small leak)
    3. New brakes all around
    4. New Rotors all around
    5. New Axels
    Several other fixes that have slipped my mind right now.
    Interior is Nice and clean

    Currently have a underboost condition P0299 code (which I will look into more when I can)
    Front windshield cracked
    New front bumper guard installed but not painted

    I have been waiting for turbo to go bad so I can upgrade it and my downpipe (excuse for the wife).
    All original parts do come with this car (EGR, New EGR Cooler, Extra ECU, Old rebuilt Mechatronics unit and extra hoses and hardware, I also have another spare bumper guard the company sent me for free that you can have) and a boost gauge (Glowshift) not have hooked up (tube is ran). And I'm throwing in all of my VW tools which include Vag-Com, timing tools, if it was made to work on this car and I have it, it is yours.

    Look there is a ton of stuff that comes with this vehicle, all the major stuff besides turbo has been done. I would keep this car but I have my 3rd child on the way and need a bigger family car. Before under boost code I was getting around 42-43 MPG.

    If you have any questions you can contact me directly 317-292-3869. I work from 4a-4p and go to bed around 8:30p so If I do not answer a text or call after then that I why, but I will get back with you. I have nothing to hide on this car, and I will be completely honest, I'm not out to screw over anybody. Thanks for looking.

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